Decca Legends


Decca Legends celebrates the finest recordings from Decca's distinguished catalogue. Each recording is an undisputed classic, having won special acclaim from critics and public alike.

The recordings span a golden age in Decca's history, from the arrival of stereo in the early 1950s to the dawn of the digital age in the early 1980s. In order to reproduce these classic performances as faithfully as possible, we have taken the original mastertapes back into the studio, to be remastered to today's highest technical standards, and, where necessary, to be repaired, re-edited and polished. The repertoire ranges from grand opera to the most intimate chamber music, featuring legendary artists such as Sir Georg Solti, Herbert von Karajan, Leonard Bernstein, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Clifford Curzon, Benjamin Britten, Radu Lupu and Itzhak Perlman. Each CD booklet contains detailed information on the recording, including a specially written note, often by someone intimately involved with the recording or the artist. Also included are previously unpublished photos, taken at the recording sessions or in rehearsal, giving a unique insight into the world of Decca recording during this golden age.
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