The History of Singapore


Jean E·Abshire / Greenwood / 194页 / Hardcover / $ 56.44 / 2011-3

The History of Singapore的内容简介

Singapore is a dominant player in the global economy, serving both as an essential business hub for international finance and home to some of the world's most important ports. It is also one of the world's smallest and most resource-poor countries. This book offers an engaging examination of Singapore using a theme of globalization to explain how the country's worldwide interactions across centuries have resulted in an ethnically diverse society and allowed it to ascend to a position of being an economic powerhouse. Every significant historic event and era - from its status as a meeting point for traders in the 600s to its colonization by the British in 1819, and from Japanese occupation during World War II to the 2002 arrest of a group of Islamic terrorists - is covered.

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