Photography After Photography
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Thanks to the tremendous impact of the digital process and its capacity for manipulation, our current notions of what photography is as well as what a photograph represents is changing. Accompanying an international exhibit sponsored by the Siemens Kulturprogramm, this collection of essays brings together a multitude of positions on the subject. For those who do not know much about photographic issues, whether historic or contemporary, this wide-ranging study is an interesting and fruitful place to start. The body of essays review, debate, and probe the potential of new technologies without ignoring the natural interactivity between photography and social norms. In that sense, this book can be read as a platform for cultural as well as artistic speculation. Now that we can technically alter the qualities of what used to be the smallest element, the pixel, we are verging on reinventing all notions of representation. An important book, but one that will have more appeal to academic and art libraries.?Susan M. Olcott, Columbus Metropolitan Lib., Ohio
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