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Steven Bateman / Angus Hyland / Laurence King / 336页 / Paperback / 270.00元 / 2011-5-23


Symbols play an integral role in branding programs. More often than not, symbols are used alongside logotypes, the two working in tandem to illustrate the values and qualities of a brand to its audience. However, symbols can be hugely effective on their own, providing organizations and brands with marks that provide an instantly recognizable signifier when seen independently of the brand name and/or logotype. Nike's Swoosh is seldom seen with its corresponding logotype these days: it has become so familiar that we dont need the name to recognize the brand. Among countless other examples, the Shell symbol, Michelin's Bibendum, London Transports intersected circle, the Guinness Harp and the Woolmark symbol form a unique visual vernacular as ubiquitous and familiar as the man at work pictogram. The book features over 1300 symbols, organized into groups and sub-groups according to their visual characteristics. Each category includes a short introduction, with expanded captions providing information on who the symbol was designed for, who designed it, when, and where appropriate, what the symbol stands for. These sections are interspersed with short case studies on both classic examples of symbols still in use, and exceptional examples of recently designed symbols.





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