Blue Collar, White Collar, No Collar
Harper Perennial / 2011-4-19出版

This vital collection of stories about work will be a lasting chronicle of how Americans are employed, how they find work and leave it, refuse it or scorn it, how it defines, fascinates, frustrates and ennobles us. Richard Ford's anthology is not only compelling, but extremely timely. During this harrowing and protracted economic crisis, unprecedented in the lifetimes of America's current workforce, our jobs have taken on increased significance as a means not only to carve out progress through the tiers of society, but as the key to personal confidence, hope for the future, and faith in the Nation. As unemployment peaks in America and headlines heralding job losses dominate the news media, this collection could not be more relevant or necessary. Contributing writers for "Blue Collar, White Collar, No Collar" range from contemporary Pulitzer Prize winners like Edward P. Jones to iconic short story masters such as Tobias Wolff, and include the voices of many newer writers, such as Lewis Robinson. The stories encompass a wide range of contemporary literary styles, and the writers represent a range of ages, ethnic backgrounds, and geographical locations - the connecting thread is excellence in expression, mastery of form, and ability to inspire.

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