I Love Type Series (vol.2)
TwoPoints·Net / Victionary / 2010-12
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Originally established as the masthead to envision the leading-edge editorial attempts of Avant Garde magazine, ITC Avant Garde Gothic was one of gifted communicator, Herb Lubalin's historic creative piece. Its custom-manipulation for individual letters had enabled the type to trademark the publication anywhere on the cover as a block, and radiated the art directors and graphic designers’ imagination—who used them with glee.
Beautifully produced in hands with prolific Spanish creative duo, TwoPoints.Net,I Love Type is witness to the fashionable comeback of a selection of time-honored typefaces with focus on one type-family at a time. Capturing a myraid of inventive type treatments, ranging from layout arrangements, special printing and custom variants, the series is a review of how today’s graphic designers are breathing new life into classic typesets and timeless aesthetics into modern context.I Love Avant Gardeis the second volume of the type collection to hit the stores.

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