On Being a Therapist

他在《心理治疗师之路》(第3版)中淋漓尽致地勾画了治疗师的精神境界,让人们看到心理治疗师的工作处境和心灵历程,灵魂撞击时的波澜壮阔的场面:在沉默中等待,在谩骂中镇定,在困难中坚挺,承受限制和压抑的痛苦,职业的倦怠,不眠的煎熬。在心灵的治疗旅程中,犹如海洋容纳百川一样,心理治疗师包容心灵受伤者的怨恨、忧伤、愤努甚至绝望的情绪。他们用倾听、宽容、理解和共情的能力,奉献自己的诚挚、善良的心灵,诱导受伤者走出歧途,走出低谷。 An updated revision of Jeffrey Kottler's classic book reveals the new realities and inner experiences of therapeutic practice today For more than 25 years "On Being a Therapist" has inspired generations of mental health professionals to explore the most private and sacred aspects of their work helping others. In this new edition, he explores many of the challenges that therapists face related to increased technology, surprising research, the Internet, advances in theory and technique, as well as stress in the international and global economy, managed care bureaucracy, patients with anxiety and depression from unemployment, dysfunctional families, poor education, poverty, parenting issues, often court mandated. Consequently, there's a wealth of new information that explores many forbidden subjects that are rarely admitted, much less talked about openly. Goes deeper than ever before into the inner world of therapist's hopes and fears Written by Jeffrey Kottler the "conscience of the profession" for his willingness to be so honest, authentic, and courageous New chapters explore dealing with failures, reluctant patients, how clients change therapists, and more There is also increased focus on the therapist's role and responsibility to promote issues of social justice, human rights, and systemic changes within the community and world at large.