The Wrong Place

9.4 30人评价

Brecht Evens / Drawn and Quarterly / 184页 / Paperback / GBP 16.99 / 2010-1-31

The Wrong Place的内容简介

Wanton youth seen through lush, dreamy, and sweeping watercolors. Rendered in vividwatercolorwhere parquet floors and patterned dresses morph together, "The Wrong Place "revolves around the often absent Robbie, a charismatic lothario of mysterious celebrity who has the run of a city that is as chaotic as it is resplendent. Robbie's sexual energy captivates the attention of men and women alike; his literal and figurative brightness is a startling foil to the dreariness of his childhood friend, Francis. With a hand as sensitive as it is exuberant, Brecht Evens's first graphic novel in English captures the strange chemistry of social interaction as easily as he portrays the fragmented nature of identity. "The Wrong Place "contrasts life as it is, angst-ridden and awkward, with life as it can be: spontaneous, uninhibited, and free.

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