Incentives and Governance
Gale Asia / 2009-10-8出版
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China's economic miracle has seriously challenged conventional wisdom that highlights the critical role of property rights protection, an independent legal system, and a democratic system of checks and balances in sustaining longterm growth. By international standards, China ranks low in terms of all these institutional fundamentals. Further, the sustainability of China's rapid economic growth has been threatened by a host of accompanying problems and challenges such as environmental pollution, alarming income inequality, regional disparity, under-funded social security, and bureaucratic corruption. Incentives and Governance: China's Local Governments aims to unravel the institutional arrangements behind China's rapid, sustained economic growth and to examine the downsides of these arrangements. To this end, the author constructs a unified conceptual framework focusing on the incentives of local officials and government governance.

- Written by a group of prominent Chinese economists, the series represents a concerted effort bynative scholars to analyze the 'Chinese Miracle' as well as predict its future development.
- Each volume examines different aspects of the reform, such as structural reform, entrepreneurship, local governments, specialized markets, innovation and globalization.
- Contains numerous graphs and tables.

This title is part of China's Reform Studies Series that include:
1. China's Specialized Markets
2. Development of China in Modern World System
3. Economic Growth and Structural Evolution
4. Economic Reform and Institutional Innovation
5. Incentives and Governance: China's Local Governments
6. The Micro-foundation of China's Market Economy
7. Toward an Innovative Nation
8. Transformation of the Chinese Enterprises

China's Reform Studies Series
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