Cuentos Completos, Onetti /Complete Works, Onetti


Juan Carlos Onetti / Alfaguara / 544页 / Paperback / USD 25.99 / 2010-2-28

Cuentos Completos, Onetti /Complete Works, Onetti的内容简介

Juan Carlos Onetti created a literary universe full of magic and puzzling pessimism, capable of holding us captive and moving our deepest emotions. Thanks to this revised edition by Hortensia Campanella which gathers Onetti s complete short stories, we are presented with the perfect opportunity to travel through stimulating worlds, and to come closer to the fantasy and characters of one of our most disturbing classics. Spanish Description:
Juan Carlos Onetti creo un universo literario capaz de conmover y cautivar por su magia y tambien por su perplejo pesimismo. Este libro recoge sus cuentos completos en una edicion revisada por Hortensia Campanella, una nueva oportunidad de recorrer los mundos mas sugestivos, de acercarnos a la fantasia y a los personajes de uno de nuestros clasicos mas inquietantes.

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