Singapore in the Malay World


Lily Rahim / 248页 / $ 146.90 / 2009-5

Singapore in the Malay World的内容简介

Since their separation in 1965, relations between Singapore and the wider Malay world have been full of tensions and misunderstandings. Reflecting critically on Singapore's policy of meritocratic multiracialism on the one hand and the communalist state of Malay on the other, the author examines the way by which these policies, coupled with historical animosities, competitive economic tensions and janus-faced foreign economic policy orientation have contributed to Singapore's mercurial relations with Malaysia and other neighbouring countries. The book also considers the Indonesian dimension of Singapore-Malaysia relations, deals with sensitive issues such as the politics of ethnicity, the rhetoric and reality of meritocracy and multiracialism, and foreign and security policies. Incorporating perspectives and frameworks from the disciplines of politics, international relations, political economy, economic history and political sociology, this new appraisal of their relationship offers groundbreaking new insights into the way in which the Malaysian and Singapore states see both themselves and each other. This book will be of interest to students and scholars in Asian politics and international relations.

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