Victore or, Who Died and Made You Boss?


James Victore / Michael Bierut / Abrams / 224页 / Hardcover / USD 40.00 / 2010-09-01

Victore or, Who Died and Made You Boss?的内容简介

James Victore is hell-bent on world domination, one graphic design project at a time. A self-taught designer, Victore's work is vivid, memorable and often controversial. In this funny and honest book Victore takes readers through a collection of his greatest hitsA", telling the stories behind the work, his inspirations, process and lessons learned. Throughout his career he has sought comrades, not clients - brave, smart collaborators who have given him the freedom to reinterpret old design solutions and to pressure viewers to think about issues and ideas in a new way. The result is a body of work that for 20 years has been plastered on the streets of New York, exhibited at MoMA and featured in magazines all over the world. The book will be wrapped in a poster jacket, created by Victore specifically for the book, and will have three edge black stain and hot pink ribbon bookmark, making it a must-have design object for students, graphic designers and anyone with an interest in the power of ink on paper. Award-winning designer Michael Bierut will contribute an introduction.

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