Jasper Morrison / Rizzoli / 2010-10-26出版

提倡简约设计的日本品牌MUJI于近日发布宣传品牌理念的MUJI Book。
致力于提倡简约、自然、富质感的MUJI式现代生活哲学一直受到吸引众多人的关注,其贯彻对材质、流程检视、简单化包装的坚持也是诚意十足。一直以来,MUJI的基本原则就是可持续地使用材料,同时尽量减少其对环境的影响,并以合理的价格发售。本次推出的MUJI Book无疑可以让你对该品牌有更深入的了解,该书将于2010年10月26日全球发行。
This fascinating monograph provides an unprecedented view into the inner workings of Muji, one of the most influential brands leading sustainable design. A prescient advocate of sustainable consumption and the matchless utility of good design, Muji’s founding principle was to develop new and simple products at reasonable prices by making the best use of materials while minimizing their impact on the environment. From a humble inaugural line of eight products nearly three decades ago, the brand now sells nearly five thousand different products in hundreds of its own stores in Asia, Europe, and North America.



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