Biblical Theology
Banner of Truth / 1975-7-1出版

Geerhardus Vos is the father of orthodox Reformed Biblical theology and his work provides the foundation of much of the work done in Biblical studies at Westminster Seminary. Cornelius Van Til, John Murray, and Richard B. Gaffin, Jr. note the significant influence Vos has had on their own thinking. In Biblical Theology Vos provides the fruit of his thirty-nine years of teaching at Old Princeton. Here Vos provides an account of "the unfolding of the mind of God in history, through the successive agents of special revelation." The book is divided into three segments: the Mosaic, prophetic, and New Testament epochs of revelation. Vos's emphasis is not meant to supplant the work of systematic theology, but since God's revelation is inextricably bound up with history, we must understand that revelation in its unfolding progression. Each part of Scripture is organically related to other parts. It is the goal of Biblical theology to explicate the understanding of God's Word in its original historical setting and in its setting within the unfolding of revelation within the history of redemption. John Murray, former professor of systematic theology put it well when he suggested that Geerhardus Vos was "the most incisive exegete in the English-speaking world of the twentieth century."

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