My Teaching


Jacques Lacan / David Macey / Verso / 128页 / Paperback / USD 16.95 / 2009-01-05

My Teaching的内容简介

The father of psychoanalytic philosophy's invaluable introduction to his own thought, available in English for the first time.
Bringing together three previously unpublished lectures presented to the public by Lacan at the height of his career, My Teaching is a clear, concise introduction to the thought of the influential psychoanalyst. Drawing on examples from popular culture and common sense, this lively book explores a range of Lacan's most important ideas, including his debt to Freud, linguistic unconsciousness and sexuality in its relation to psychoanalytic truth. Engaging, witty and personal, My Teaching offers a rare opportunity to engage directly with Lacan's own general explanation of his teaching to a non-psychoanalytic audience.

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