Inventing Nanjing Road
Cornell University - Cornell East Asia Series / 2010-3-31出版
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The contributors to this collection of seven essays (plus an editor’s introduction and a comparative afterword) have framed debates about the construction of commercial culture in China. They all have agreed that during the early twentieth century China’s commercial culture was centered in the private sector of Shanghai’s economy and especially in the "concession" areas under Western or Japanese rule, but they have differed over the issue of whether foreign influence was decisive in the creation of Shanghai’s commercial culture. Between 1900 and 1937, was Shanghai’s commercial culture imported from the West or invented locally? And between 1937 and 1945, was the history of this commercial culture cut short by Japanese military invasions and occupations of the city or was it sustained throughout the war? The contributors have proposed various and even conflicting answers to these questions, and their interpretations bear upon wider debates in historical, cultural, and comparative studies.

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