The Norton Psychology Reader
W. W. Norton & Company / 2005-12-19出版
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If you’ve ever wondered about the mind and behavior, the Norton Psychology Reader is the perfect place to start. From the biological basis of emotion to the psychological basis of culture, from the nature of nurture to the nature of intelligence, with selections by leading scientists with a knack for writing—including Steven Pinker, Joseph Ledoux, Antonio Damasio, Oliver Sacks, and Robert Sapolsky—and top-notch journalists with an uncanny sense for psychology—including Natalie Angier, Daniel Goleman, and Sylvia Nasar—the Norton Psychology Reader presents the best that psychology has to offer. Edited by noted New York University psychologist Gary Marcus, the Norton Psychology Reader is an unparalleled guided tour through the modern science of the human mind and a perfect companion to any introductory psychology course, filled with insights completely accessible to the interested lay reader.

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