Let There Be Range!
DailyVariance Publishing / 2008出版

Cole South and I recently wrote a book on how to think about poker. We wrote in a manner we wished someone would have done when we first grind the games. We won't hesitate to say it is currently the BEST POKER EDUCATIONAL TOOL in the community. After reading the content, maybe you will realize that perhaps, making six figures playing poker isn't as hard as it sounds.
Let's use some numbers to put things in perspective.
If you win 3ptbb/100 while 6-tabling 2/4NL, you will average $122/hour. Take (3 * 2 * 85 hands per hour * $4 * 6 tables) / 100 hands. By playing just 30 hours per week, you will make around 15k/month, not including rakeback.
And this is playing 2/4NL with 6-tables. You earnings will increase as you add more tables and move up to 3/6NL and 5/10NL. We have readers who have ACHIEVED this goal.



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