Innovation X

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Adam Richardson / Jossey-Bass / 256页 / Hardcover / USD 27.95 / 2010-2-8

Innovation X的内容简介

A fresh approach to succeeding with innovation, grounded in insights about rapidly changing customers, competitors and technologies Written by a director at the award-winning global innovation firm frog design, this vital book shows business leaders and managers how to accomplish truly effective innovation in today's disruptive climate. Richardson shows how business is filled with "X-problems"- tough new challenges that present massive innovation opportunities, but also risks. Thriving in a world of X-problems requires harnessing four specific approaches: Immersion, Convergence, Divergence, and Adaption. Combining frog design's approaches with insightful analysis of companies such as Apple, BMW, Clif Bar, Google, Maxtor, and, Richardson illustrates how to envision and realize successful new business ventures, products, and services. Provides a process for translating customer insights into relevant innovations, accompanied by case studies (many of them richly described from frog's own experiences) For the first time, gives real guidance on connecting products, software and services into ecosystems that are actually compelling to customers Shows how to facilitate bringing multiple perspectives to understanding a problem domain, as well as how to manage an innovation portfolio over time "Innovation X" is an essential guide for companies seeking to create growth and differentiation in increasingly competitive markets.

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