Designing Sound
Applied Scientific Press
A textbook for next generation audio
A unique, informative, very readable and practical book, "Designing Sound" presents advanced sound design methods for tomorrows video games, interactive applications and computer animations.
Keywords: Sound effects, sound design, synthesis, interactive audio, Pure Data, acoustics, digital signal processing, psychoacoustics, physical modelling, procedural audio, analysis, game audio, audio programming, film sound, animation, TV, radio, multi-media, theatre.
Audience: Sound producers, game audio developers, sound technology students, film sound designers, interactive application programmers.
Comprehensive theory chapters on:
Physical sound, vibration and acoustics.
Digital signal processing basics.
Introduction to the Pure Data audio programming language.
Over 30 step by step exercises to create common sounds.
References to textbooks, papers and online resources.
Code and sound examples available to download.

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  • Sound Design
  • Processing
  • Creative Code
  • The Visual Display of Quantitative Information