The Art of Unit Testing
Manning Publications / 2009-06-03出版

HIGHLIGHT Here's what Michael Feathers, an Agile rock star in his own right, has to say about The Art of Unit Testing : "This is the best all around introduction to unit testing on the market today." DESCRIPTION The Art of Unit Testing guides the reader on the journey from beginner to master in the subtle art of unit testing. Based on expert author Roy Osherove's real-world development experiences, this book shows developers how to make sure the code that they write actually works as expected, and how to make these verifications as automated as possible. Not only that, the book shows techniques that help to make sure that tests are maintainable, readable, and test the right thing over time. The author establishes five rules for good unit tests built upon the three major principles that any good test be maintainable, trustworthy, and readable. Clear sections present established best practices, and the book also provides clear guidance on what to test and where to start testing in a legacy code project. Unlike other books on this topic, this book trades theory for real-world examples. It's designed so that a working developer can start writing better unit tests now. Unlike most Unit Testing and TDD books, most examples are in C# on the .NET platform. KEY POINTS * Introduction to unit testing and the basics of writing real-world unit tests * Best practices for writing maintainable, trustworthy, readable tests * Author Roy Osherove is highly visible and extremely well-known in this field MARKET INFORMATION Agile principles like unit testing have found their way more slowly into the Microsoft community than they have in Java. This book presents the well-honed practices common in the Java world using examples in C#.

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