How Not to Die
Marshall Cavendish / 2009-07-15出版

Dr Jan Garavaglia is one of America's top forensic pathologists. By using cutting-edge forensic science and technology, she explores the reasons for sudden and unexplained deaths. As a result, she has developed a unique insight into life, safety and health. In this unique and accessible health book, Dr Garavaglia reveals how to live better today by investigating how others die. The dead have a lot to teach us. More often than not, it is not the dramatic or traumatic that can kill us, but often the small lapses in attention and judgement when it comes to our own health and safety. Organised around topics to bring the reader better health (such as losing weight, overcoming addictions, better nutrition, avoiding accidents), this book is unlike any other health book because it gets to the heart of the matter of how not to die.

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