Confessions of a Public Speaker
O'Reilly Media / 2009-11-11出版

In this funny and provocative collection of behind-the-scenes tales from the life of a successful public speaker, bestselling business author Scott Berkun offers a unique insider's take on what public speakers do, how they do it, and how anyone can do it well. "Confessions of a Public Speaker" is an entertaining romp through the embarrassments and triumphs Berkun has experienced in front of crowds of all sizes, based on his 15 years of travel around the world giving speeches and lectures. With lessons on the craft for anyone who talks and expects someone to listen, amateurs and professional speakers alike will get a whole new world of insights into teaching, learning, and performance, straight from a master of the trade. Get Berkun's tips, hard-won lessons, and philosophy that he's developed from years of experience. Learn a framework and a vocabulary for the process of preparing and delivering lectures. Find out how to work a tough room, the science of not boring people, and how to deal with the attack of the butterflies. Discover the wonders of making thousands of dollars for a single engagement. Learn what it takes to cope with an endless string of hotels and restaurants while on a speaking tour. Filled with humor and illuminating anecdotes, this incisive book is highly practical and easy to read, brought to you by the bestselling author of "The Myths of Innovation" and "Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management". With "Confessions of a Public Speaker", you will save yourself months or even years of embarrassment and expensive failures.



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