China's Elite Politics
World Scientific Publishing Company / 2010-2-3出版

A sequel to the author's trailblazer (China's Elite Politics: Political Transition and Power Balancing, published by World Scientific in 2007), this book tackles the issue of governance in China. It provides up-to-date information on China's political elites and evaluates their ability to deal with crises through four case studies: Snowstorm in the South, the Tibet issue, the Sichuan Earthquake, and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.
Along with China's Elite Politics: Political Transition and Power Balancing, this book provides rich empirical information on and insightful theoretical understanding of national-level politics in China and serves as a good reference source for students of Chinese politics.
Introduction: China's Political Elites and Their Challenges
Who Governs: China's Political Elites:
Top Leadership
Central Committee
Institutional Representation
Factional Balance
How to Govern: Challenges:
Snowstorms in the South
The Tibet Issue
Sichuan Earthquake
Beijing Olympic Games
Conclusion: China's Prospect for Democratization

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