Head First iPhone Development
O'Reilly Media / 2009-10-30出版

This practical book offers programmers the knowledge and code they need to create cutting-edge mobile applications, using Apple's iPhone SDK. The iPhone is one of the hottest new pieces of technology: a fully functional portable Unix operating system with the most advanced handheld user interface in existence. "iPhone SDK Application Development" covers development environment for both the iPhone and iPod Touch, from windows and navigation bars to more advanced layers of the iPhone SDK, such as screen transitions, low-level graphics rendering using CoreSurface, the MultiTouch API, and digital sound and music rendering with Celestial and CoreAudio. With this book, you will: understand how the iPhone works internally, with a complete introduction to the technology; learn how different iPhone components interact with each other; use your existing Mac OS X development skills by understanding the similarities between iPhone and Mac OS X Leopard; also learn about the iPhone-specific APIs, such as the user interface, to develop custom iPhone applications; and, get code examples to help you write various features of your application. With "iPhone SDK Application Development", you'll learn how to create effective iPhone applications and games with the same tools Apple uses.



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