Álvaro Siza
Hatje Cantz / 2009-3-1出版

The work of the Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza tells the story of architecture from Modernity through to the twenty-first century. The architectural legacy of the European avant-garde of the 20s and 30s is as alive in Siza's work as the transformations that legacy has undergone since the 60s, and few among his contemporaries can boast his track record of openness and adventurousness. "Modern Redux" assembles 14 of Siza's most representative projects from the past 10 years. Maintaining the premises which have always characterized his work--the delicacy of the contours, a specificity to the location, the subtle treatment of space and a certain serene quality--it celebrates Alvaro Siza's admirable capacity for reinvention and demonstrates that the heroic spirit of Modernist architecture is alive and well.