Why Your Life Sucks
Jodere Group / 2002-6-1出版

Product Description
Why Your Life Sucks is a book that gets right to the point. Its in-your-face title and message hits the reader right between the eyes. Whether it's over a job, a relationship, or money issues, everyone has times when they just don't feel right. In this no-hype guide, Alan H. Cohen will give the ten reasons Why Your Life Sucks - and teach you what you can do about it! He'll show readers how to throw away expectations, stop trying to fix other people, and stop wasting energy. Stop laughing at the title, and buy this book!
From the Publisher
"Alan Cohen has distilled the essence of hundreds of self help and consciousness raising tenets, and in the process created a simple yet powerful antidote to the ailment of the "sucky" life. With a writing style that is humorous and humble, straightforward and non-judgmental, Cohen takes the reader through a journey of self-discovery that reminds us that the ultimate power over our lives lies in our hands alone. He covers ten basic reasons your life may suck, with anecdotes and personal experiences to illuminate each, and then hands you the keys to unlock the door to your own joyful path. A great self help book works simply to remind us of what we already know, deep down inside. This book does not give vague hints or mysterious exercises meant to create the illusion of growth. It strips away the nonsense and reminds us that, despite evidence to the contrary, the only thing standing in our way is us. I loved this book. It was a joy to see myself reflected in its pages. And with its hilarious title, it will be a joy to share it with my family and friends." -- Zanne Marie Gray, BookReview.com