Another Kind of Nation
陈东东 / Talisman House, Publishers / 2007-11-1出版

Another Kind of Nation collects works by twenty-four poets from mainland China born after 1960 who are currently writing and publishing in Chinese. Although well-known in China, most of them appear in English translation for the first time in this book. Edited by Chinese poets Zhang Er and Chen Dongdong, Another Kind of Nation offers an introduction to Chinese poetry today in the shadows of a long poetic tradition, the globalization of capitalism, and a renewed nationalism. The Chinese texts are presented in the original as well as in English translations prepared by American poet/translators in collaboration with Chinese writers. The book includes introductions by the editors in English and in Chinese, a postface on the translation process, and biographical notes for both poets and translators.
This is a wonderful collection of Contemporary Chinese poetry. The poems are reminiscent of some of the best lyricism of classic poetry with images that speak to us today. Truly outstanding. A must for your Asian poetry collection.
Edited by two of the most distinguished poets writing in Chinese today, this landmark publication contains bilingual versions of nearly 200 poems by 24 of China's most important contemporary writers, many of whom are appearing in English for the first time. Taking a somewhat novel approach to translation, the editors have paired Chinese speaking translators and American poets for virtually all the translations in the volume. While the results are somewhat mixed, most of the translations are fairly faithful and read quite well in English, and some, such as those by Jennifer Feeley and Susan Schultz, are as good as it gets.

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