Even Happier

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Tal Ben-Shahar / McGraw-Hill / 224页 / Paperback / USD 16.95 / 2009-8-17

Even Happier的内容简介

Learn to be Happier. Week by Week. In this week-by-week guided journal, Tal Ben-Shahar offers a full year'sworth of exercises to inspire happiness every day. Using the groundbreakingprinciples of positive psychology that he taught in his wildly popularcourse at Harvard University and that inspired his worldwide bestsellerHappier, Ben-Shahar has designed a series of tools and techniques toenable us all to find more pleasure and meaning in our lives. 52 weeks of new exercises, meditations, and "time-ins" A journal to record your thoughts, feelings, and personal growth Life-changing insights of philosophers, psychologists, artists,writers, scientists, and successful entrepreneurs This is no ordinary self-help book that you read and toss aside. It's acomplete, user-driven journal filled with proactive challenges, thoughtprovokingquestions, and "time-ins" that allow you to pause and reflect.You can engage in these activities every day to stimulate your creativity,enhance your sense of empowerment, enrich the quality of your life, and,yes, feel Even Happier.

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