A Project Guide to UX Design
New Riders Press / 2009-3-23出版

"If you are a young designer entering or contemplating entering the UX field this is a canonical book. If you are an organization that really needs to start grokking UX this book is also for you. " -- Chris Bernard, User Experience Evangelist, Microsoft User experience design is the discipline of creating a useful and usable Web site or application--one that's easily navigated and meets the needs of both the site owner and its users. But there's a lot more to successful UX design than knowing the latest Web technologies or design trends: It takes diplomacy, project management skills, and business savvy. That's where this book comes in. Authors Russ Unger and Carolyn Chandler show you how to integrate UX principles into your project from start to finish. * Understand the various roles in UX design, identify stakeholders, and enlist their support * Obtain consensus from your team on project objectives * Define the scope of your project and avoid mission creep * Conduct user research and document your findings * Understand and communicate user behavior with personas * Design and prototype your application or site * Make your product findable with search engine optimization * Plan for development, product rollout, and ongoing quality assurance



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  • Microinteractions
  • Designing Web Navigation
  • Designing for People
  • Designed for Use