Warlords and Muslims in Chinese Central Asia


Andrew D·W·Forbes / Cambridge University Press / 376页 / Hardcover / USD 62.50 / 1986-10-31

Warlords and Muslims in Chinese Central Asia的内容简介

This book provides a detailed study of Sinkiang - China's largest province, and of great strategic importance on the Russian border during the Warlord and Kuomintang Eras. It is written to present an analysis of the internal warlord and Islamic politics of Sinkiang, as well as to take account of 'great power' interests in this region, during a period in which it was essentially a Han Chinese colony in the heart of Central Asia. The study is of relevance not only to the history of twentieth-century China, but also to the politics of Islamic reassertion in Central Asia; to the development of the Soviet Union as an imperial power in the Tsarist Russian mould; to an understanding of the cultural and political aspirations of China's national minorities; and should serve - in a world preoccupied with 'Western' colonialism and imperialism - as a reminder that colonialkin and imperialism was not, and is not, an exclusively European preserve.

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