Communication in China
赵月枝 / Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. / 2008-3-20出版

This authoritative study explores China's rapidly evolving polity, economy, and society through the prism of its communication system. Yuezhi Zhao offers a multifaceted, interdisciplinary analysis of communication in China and its central role in the struggle for control during the country's rise to global power. The industry in all its forms-ranging from the news media to entertainment outlets to the Internet-has been a critical battleground among different social forces in this period of wrenching change. The author explores alterations in the structure and content of Chinese communication in light of the rapid evolution of state-society relations to reveal the profoundly contradictory, conflicted, and uncertain nature of China's ongoing transformation.

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  • Media, Market, and Democracy in China
  • Television
  • Media Commercialization and Authoritarian Rule in China
  • Asia as Method


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  3. 3 鹿仁嘉的恋爱习题
  4. 4 年少无为
  5. 5 星光之城
  6. 6 我可以再等等
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