Tales From Outer Suburbia
陈志勇 / Allen&Unwin / 2008.6出版

Do you remember the water buffalo at the end of our street?你还记得街尾的水牛吗?
Or the deep-sea diver we found near the underpass?或我们深海潜水发现附近的地下道?
Do you know why dogs bark in the middle of the night? 你知道狗为什么会在半夜叫么?
An exchange student who's really an alien, a secret room that becomes the perfect place for a quick escape, a typical tale of grandfatherly exaggeration that is actually even more bizarre than he says... These are the odd details of everyday life that grow and take on an incredible life of their own in tales and illustrations that Shaun Tan's many ...

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  1. 1 当时别后
  2. 2 爱你不必煽情,走心就很动听
  3. 3 生活没有太多眼前的苟且
  4. 4 情热
  5. 5 宇宙生存指南
  6. 6 不要赖床
  7. 7 想和你漫步宇宙里
  8. 8 南方有乔木