Handbook of Media Management And Economics
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates; 1 edition / August 2, 2005出版

This comprehensive Handbook provides a synthesis of current work and research in media management and economics. The volume has been developed around two primary objectives: assessing the state of knowledge for the key topics in the media management and economics fields; and establishing the research agenda in these areas, ultimately pushing the field in new directions. Edited by three well-known and widely published scholars, the Handbook is the definitive source for study in media management and economics. Its chapters are organized into parts addressing the theoretical components, key issues, analytical tools, and future directions for research. Each chapter offers the current state of theory and scholarship of a specific area of study, and the volume contributors--all well established in their areas of specialty--represent domestic and international scholarship. With its unparalleled breadth of content from expert authors, the Handbook provides background knowledge of the various theoretical dimensions and historical paradigms, and establishes the direction for the next phases of research in this growing arena of study. Standing alone as a thorough summary of existing theory and research, the Handbook of Media Management and Economics will serve to stimulate future thought and research in the media management and economics disciplines. As such, this volume will be a required reference for students, professors, and industry practitioners for years to come.

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  1. 1 打野
  2. 2 我的女神是个二货
  3. 3 这些人把日常生活玩出了花
  4. 4 飘摇之年
  5. 5 犄角旮旯寻美食(第二季)
  6. 6 神的白兔糖
  7. 7 优质末等生
  8. 8 月光光 照地堂