Consuming Technologies
London ; New York : Routledge / 1992出版

Table of Contents
List of contributors
Foreword: The mirror of technology / Marilyn Strathern
Introduction / Roger Silverstone, Eric Hirsch 1
Pt. I Conceptual and thematic issues
1 Information and communication technologies and the moral economy of the household / Roger Silverstone, Eric Hirsch, David Morley 15
2 The circuit of technology: gender, identity and power / Cynthia Cockburn 32
3 The desire for the new: its nature and social location as presented in theories of fashion and modern consumerism / Colin Campbell 48
Pt. II Information and communication technologies in the home
4 The shape of things to consume / Ian Miles, Alan Cawson, Leslie Haddon 67
5 Explaining ICT consumption: the case of the home computer / Leslie Haddon 82
6 Personal computers, gender and an institutional model of the household / Jane Wheelock 97
7 The meaning of domestic technologies: a personal construct analysis of familial gender relations / Sonia Livingstone 113
8 Living-room wars: new technologies, audience measurement and the tactics of television consumption / Ien Ang 131
9 Contextualizing home computing: resources and practices / Graham Murdock, Paul Hartmann, Peggy Gray 146
Pt. III Appropriations
10 The Young and the Restless in Trinidad: a case of the local and the global in mass consumption / Daniel Miller 163
11 The Amish and the telephone: resistance and reconstruction / Diane Zimmerman Umble 183
12 Regimes of closure: The representation of cultural process in domestic consumption / Tim Putnam 195
13 The long term and the short term of domestic consumption: an ethnographic case study / Eric Hirsch 208
Postscript: Revolutionary technologies and technological revolutions / Jonathan Gershuny 227
Index 234