Personal Development for Smart People
Hay House / 2008-10-15出版

the book is organized into two parts, which you can think of as theory and application.
Part I explains the seven core principles, one chapter per principle. This part of the book is intended to give you a new "big picture" model for understanding what it means to grow as a conscious human being. This is a holistic model, not a fragmented approach. Although the high-level concepts may seem a little abstract at first, there are plenty of stories, real-world examples, and exercises to teach you how these principles work on a practical level. I think you'll find this material fairly easy to understand.
Part II is all about the practical application. After you learn how the principles work, you'll receive an abundance of instruction on how to apply each of the seven principles to improve your results in six major areas of your life: habits, career, money, health, relationships, and spirituality. By the time you've finished the book, you should have such a clear understanding of the principles that you'll be able to apply them to any problem or situation you face in life.



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  1. 1 重生的第二种涵义
  2. 2 真相之庭
  3. 3 死亡同学会
  4. 4 南疆异闻录
  5. 5 开始和结束
  6. 6 506号房
  7. 7 谋杀电视机
  8. 8 幻河