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At their best, art galleries and exhibitions are able to open viewer’s senses and create a feeling of ambiance, curiosity, and even sacred space. Artist Exhibition examines the display, presentation and promotion of artist’s works around the world. By sharing works on and off the gallery walls, their transformation from sketch to object d’art through innovative framing, lighting and placement, is remarkable. Included are many gallery posters and flyers, showing how exhibition posters can capture the imagination, help to create anticipation, and offer a glimpse of what one can expect to see. With extensive case studies sharing perspectives from curators, galleries, viewers, and artists themselves showing how their works were successfully showcased, and their work was promoted. Artist Exhibition ultimately suggests that the different layers of art, when integrated, are able to communicate effectively and draw in the viewer.

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  1. 1 反西游记
  2. 2
  3. 3 行过死荫幽谷
  4. 4 艳丑
  5. 5 罪恶的枷锁 Ⅰ
  6. 6 游女抄
  7. 7 万米之下
  8. 8 春晴