El Croquis 139: Sanaa Sejima Nishizawa 2004-2008
El Croquis / 2008-4-1出版

Increased international attention has led to an acceleration of output for this Japanese practice and its two principle partners. The four year period covered by El Croquis has seen 24 buildings and projects initiated and in most cases completed by both SANAA and the respective offices of Sejima and Nishizawa. Presented here in full page colour photographs are both celebrated buildings such as the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, De Kunstlinie' Theatre, Almere and the Naoshima Ferry terminal, Japan, as well as lesser known and delightful private residential commissions and public and commercial offices. Introduced by a conversation between the two architects, the edition also includes plans, sketches and explanatory texts.

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  1. 1 飞蛾之刃
  2. 2 小妇人(上部 · 完结卷)
  3. 3 两暗
  4. 4 无限人生公司
  5. 5 这个世界上的一切都是胖子的
  6. 6 夜闯布达拉宫
  7. 7 你被写在我的手帐里
  8. 8 痛经是一本经