A Study in Scarlet

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A Study in Scarlet的内容简介

The first of the Sherlock Holmes stories, this was also the first of Conan Doyle's books to be published. In this fascinating and exciting tale, the two towering creations of detective fiction--Holmes, the master of the science of detection, and Watson, his faithful companion--make their auspicious debut. The two detectives are immediately in fine form as Holmes plucks the solution to the mystery from the heart of Victorian London.   从阿富汗战场受伤退役的华生医生,和一个刚从医学院毕业的年轻人合租了伦敦贝克街221号乙的一套公寓。很快,他发现这位名叫歇洛克·福尔摩斯的年轻人具有超越常人的缜密观察力和非凡的推理分析能力,同时,时常有一些神秘的访客出入他们的寓所。直到有一天,他们卷入了一起谋杀案……福尔摩斯牛刀初试第一案,精彩纷呈!

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