Living in Truth
Faber & Faber / 1990-3出版

Introduction by Jan Vladislav: Asides to readers of Havel's essays (translated by A. G. Brain)
Part One: Six texts by Vaclav Havel
1 Letter to Dr. Gustav Husak
2 The power of the powerless (translated by P. Wilson)
3 Six asides about culture (translated by E. Kohak)
4 Politics and conscience
(translated by E. Kohak and R. Scruton)
5 Thriller (translated by P. Wilson)
6 An anatomy of reticence (translated by E. Kohak)
Part Two: Sixteen texts for Vaclav Havel
1 Samuel Beckett: Catastrophe
2 Heinrich Boll: Courtesy towards God (translated by J. R. Littelboy)
3 Timothy Garton Ash: Prague - a poem, not disappearing
4 Jiri Grusa: Ex-prophets and storysellers (translated by D. Armour)
5 Ladislav Hejdanek: from Variations and reflections on topics in Vaclav Havel's prison letters (translated by D. Viney)
6 Harry Jarv: Citizen versus state
7 Pavel Kohout: The chaste centaur (translated by M. Pomichalek and A. Mozga)
8 Iva Kotrla: Conversations 36 (translated by D. Viney)
9 Milan Kundera: Candide had to be destroyed (translated by K.Seigneurie)
10 Arthur Miller: I think about you a great deal
11 Zdena Salivarova: When I was still living in Prague
12 Milan Simecka: The sorrowful satisfaction of the powerless (translated by A. G. Brain)
13 Josef Skvorecky: I saw Vaclav Havel for the last time
14 Tom Stoppard: Introduction (to The Memorandum)
15 Zdenek Urbanek: Letter to a prisoner (translated by G. Theiner)
16 Ludvik Vaculik: On the house (translated by A. G. Brain)
A short bio-bibliography of Vaclav Havel (translated by D. Viney)



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