The Colour of Time
Apollo / 2018-8-9出版
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From the mid-19th century, many of the most celebrated moments and personalities in modern history—from Gettysburg to Hiroshima, and from Lincoln to Churchill—have been captured for posterity by the camera lens. Marina Amaral uses digital techniques, underpinned by painstaking research, to colorize 200 such images embracing an entire century of world history. The results are revelatory, transforming the monochrome of early photography into the vibrant hues of real life. Statesmen and soldiers, as well as the faces of hundreds of ordinary people, thus appear in dramatically vivid guise. The images are organized in 10 chronological chapters. Each image is accompanied by a 200-word caption by best-selling historian Dan Jones, telling the stories behind them. A fusion of amazing pictures and well-chosen words, The Colour of Time offers a unique—and often beautiful—perspective on the past.
玛丽娜·阿玛拉尔(Marina Amaral)利用数码技术,在艰苦研究的基础上,给200幅这样的图片上色,它们包含了整整一个世纪的世界历史。其结果是具有启发性的,将早期摄影的单色转变为现实生活中充满活力的色调。政治家和军人,以及数以百计的普通人的面孔,因此以戏剧性的生动面貌出现。
这些图像按时间顺序排列成10个章节。每幅图片都配有200字的文字说明,由畅销历史学家丹·琼斯(Dan Jones)撰写,讲述了它们背后的故事。令人惊叹的图片和精心挑选的文字融合在一起,时间的颜色提供了一种独特的——对过去的看法。