Film theory:Critical Concepts in Media and Cultural Studies
Routledge / 2003出版

This major new collection:
identifies the critical and theoretical concepts which have been most significant in the study of film
presents chronologically the most influential and important writing on these concepts
provides an historical and intellectual context for the material presented.
New introductions by the editors guide the reader through the work, and make this an essential source of ideas and insights for students and researchers in the field of Film Studies.
Volume I Part 1: Essence and Specificity Part 2: Language Part 3: Technologies Volume II Part 4: Authorship Part 5: Genre Part 6: Narrative and Narration Volume III Part 7: Audiences and Spectatorship Part 8: Personal Identities and Representation Part 9: Cultural Identities, Colonialism and Postcolonialism Volume IV Part 10: Realism and the Real Part 11: Modernism and Postmodernism Part 12: Economics and Globalisation