The Naked Face 西德尼·谢尔顿

Book Description
The Psychiatrist’s couch holds many secrets. Can it also hold the key to a series of brutal murders?

John Hanson, murdered in the street in a gruesome but apparently arbitrary attack.

Carol Roberts, brutally tortured and left to die in agony.

Now it’s the turn of psychoanalyst Dr Judd Stevens…

In this chilling game of cat and mouse, Judd must trust no-one, especially none of his patients. Could the killer be Teri Washburn, Hollywood starlet, thrown out of Tinseltown in scandal? Or Harrison Burke, top business man and disturbed paranoiac? Or could it be Alexander Fallo, a crazed evangelist, determined to avenge all sin in the world?

In this deadly game, there can only be one survivor and Judd must play to win if he is to stay alive…

Book Dimension :
length: (cm)17.8

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