Principles of Cognitive Neuroscience


Dale Purves / Elizabeth M·Brannon / Roberto Cabeza / Scott A·Huettel / Kevin S·LaBar / Sinauer Associates Inc / 757页 / Hardcover / USD 104.95 / 2007-11-05

Principles of Cognitive Neuroscience的内容简介

This book, written by seven leaders in the field, is intended to inform readers at all levels about the growing canon of cognitive neuroscience, and to make clear the many challenges that remain to be solved by the next generation. Chapters begin with a brief introduction and end with a summary; in addition to the narrative text, richly illustrated in full color, each chapter includes boxed material on topics of special interest. Extensive references to useful reviews, important original papers, and books are provided. In addition to an appendix that covers the essentials of neural signaling and an extensive glossary of key terms, each copy comes with Sylvius 4, which includes an interactive tutorial on human neuroanatomy and a digital atlas of human brain structure.

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