The Ethnic Origins of Nations
John Wiley & Sons / 2009-1-13出版
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"The scope of Smith's work is breathtaking ... Part I is in some respects the most original part of the book; to my knowledge there is no comparable survey." Journal of American Ethnic History
"Unquestionably an important contribution to the literature on nationalism ... this is a thoughtful, insightful investigation into the roots and strengths of ethnonational identity. ... I recommend it unhesitatingly to all students of nationalism." Walker Connor, Trinity College, Hartford
A well-researched, perceptive study of an important subject. It discusses comprehensively ethnic communities in pre-modern eras and ethnic and nations in modern ones. In addition to being based on solid facts, it is methodologically sound and conceptually provocative ... no political scientist, historian or sociologist can do without it." A. Jacob M. Landau, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
"Smith's depth of learning is awe-inspiring, and this work deserves a prominent place wherever nationalism is discussed." Michael Levin, Ethnic and Racial Studies
Product Description
This book is an excellent, comprehensive account of the ways in which nations and nationhood have evolved over time. Successful in hardback, it is now available in paperback for a student audience.

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