Random Geometric Graphs


Mathew Penrose / Oxford Univ Pr / 344页 / HRD / $ 180.80 / 2003-6

Random Geometric Graphs的内容简介

This monograph sets out a body of mathematical theory for finite graphs with nodes placed randomly in Euclidean space and edges added to connect points that are close to each other. As an alternative to classical random graph models, these geometric graphs are relevant to the modelling of real-world networks having spatial content, arising in numerous applications such as wireless communications, parallel processing, classification, epidemiology, astronomy, and the internet. Aimed at graduate students and researchers in probability, combinatorics, statistics, and theoretical computer science, it covers topics such as edge and component counts, vertex degrees, cliques, colourings, connectivity, giant component phenomena, vertex ordering and partitioning problems. It also illustrates and extends the application to geometric probability of modern techniques including Stein's method, martingale methods and continuum percolation.

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