The Authoritarian Specter
Harvard University Press / 1996-11-15出版

The bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City, the emergence of militias and skinheads, the rise of the religious right, the attacks on Planned Parenthood clinics, the backlash against equal rights movements, the increase in poverty ...these, according to Bob Altemeyer, are all versions of one story - the authoritarian personality in action. But aren't authoritarians Nazi types, kooks, the Klan? These are just the extreme examples, he argues. "The Authoritarian Spectre" shows that many ordinary people today are psychologically disposed to embrace antidemocratic, fascist policies. The book presents the latest results from a prize-winning research programme on the authoritarian personality - a victory for the scientific method in the struggle to understand the worst aspects of ourselves. It connects the many ways authoritarianism undermines democracy. Many of our biggest problems, seemingly unrelated, have authoritarian roots. The scientific studies demonstrating this are extensive and thorough; their findings are presented in a conversational, clear manner that should engage readers from all backgrounds. It explains a growing movement to submit to a "man on horseback", to attack those who are different, to march in lockstep. Altemeyer reveals that these sentiments are strongly held even by many American lawmakers.