Luxury Fashion Branding
Palgrave Macmillan / 2007-6-15出版
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Luxury Fashion Branding - Trends, Tactics, Techniques, is the groundbreaking pioneer text that addresses the business of luxury from a strategic viewpoint. It critically analyses the essential aspects of the luxury fashion sector through tracing its origins, analysing its current state, assessing its consumer behaviour, retailing tactics, branding and marketing strategies, e-business techniques, new luxury definitions and their implications, environmental analysis, customisation methods, business modelling and case study analysis.
For the first time, the luxury industry is provided with advanced strategies, tools and techniques required for modern business management, through sound research and ongoing practice. These are sources of new approaches towards the business of smartly bringing objects of desire into the marketplace.
Luxury Fashion Branding has been described as the text that will re-define the business practices of the luxury industry. The book is imperative for anyone connected with the luxury industry; those aspiring towards luxury; those seeking transferable skills; and those who simply want an insight into this intriguing business.

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