Guide to Create Beautiful Graphics in R
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform / 2016-4-24出版

This book contains 6 parts. The first part provides a quick introduction to R
(chapter 1) and to ggplot2 plotting system (chapter 2).
In the second part (chapter 3 - 11), we described the different graphs for visualizing
one continous/discrete variable: area plots, density plots, histogram plots,
frequency polygon, dot plots, ECDF and QQ plots.
Part III provides quick-start guides for plotting two continuous/discretes variables,
including :
• Scatter plots (chapter 12)
• Continuous bivariate distribution (chapter 13)
• Jitter plots of two discretes variables (chapter 14)
Part IV (chapter 15 - 22 ) describes how to draw and customize: box plots, violin
plots, dot plots, strip charts, line plots, bar plots and pie charts.
Part V of the book covers how to change graphical parameters including:
• Main title, axis labels and legend titles (chapter 24)
• Legend position and appearance (chapter 25)
• Colors (chapter 26)
• Point shapes, colors and size (chapter 27)
• Line types (chapter 28)
• Axis limits: minimum and maximum values (chapter 29)
• Axis transformations: log and sqrt (chapter 30)
• Date axes (chapter 31)
• Axis ticks : customize tick marks and labels (chapter 32)
• Themes and background colors (chapter 33)
• Add text annotations to a graph (chapter 34)
• Add straight lines to a plot: horizontal, vertical and regression lines (chapter 35)
• Rotate a plot (chapter 36)
• Facets: split a plot into a matrix of panels (chapter 37)
• Position adjustements (chapter 38)