The Canary Trainer
W.W. Norton & Co. / 1995-3-17出版

Located by a computer in the bowels of a major university, this missing manuscript by Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes's biographer and friend, reveals hitherto unknown adventures of the Great Detective-while he was employed, incognito, as a violinist in the Paris Opera.As the detective matches wits with a musical maniac-the Phantom of the Opera-in a death struggle for the body and soul of Christine Daae, the miraculous soprano for whom the Ghost serves as a mesmeric "Canary Trainer," we are treated to an adventure unlike any other in the Holmes archive.Nicholas Meyer also "edited" the two-million-copy bestseller The Seven-Per-Cent Solution and The West End Horror, both of which are available in paperback from Norton. Meyer is a novelist, screenwriter, and director as well as a Holmes scholar.